Brother Bryan Kerns, O.S.A.

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Bryan Joseph Kerns, O.S.A., will be the ordained to priesthood through the laying on of hands and invocation of the Holy Spirit by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia on Friday, June 15, 2018 at Saint Thomas of Villanova Church, 800 East Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, PA

“On August 15, 2011, I entered the Augustinian Pre-Novitiate Program, which for me was not as big a step as one might imagine. After all, I had known the Augustinians since I had attended Monsignor Bonner High School and Villanova University. I was responding to what I took to be God's direction for my life at that time. Of this I had no doubt. Doubts? Yes. But doubt in a lingering sort of way? None. And that doubt never did arrive—which is not to say it was easy. It has, in fact, been challenging, but challenging in the way that we would want the most significant things we do to be challenging. Through the Augustinians I came to know and witness the richness of the Christian life, and in the ethos of the Order an opportunity to serve Christ and the Church through a particular way of looking at the world that I take to be deeply true: one that reflects something about both the nature of the God whom we serve, love, and stumble towards, seeking rest; and the nature of the human persons we serve, love, and stumble after in their (and our) restlessness. We Augustinians are poised in the middle, offering ourselves to God and to our neighbors, looking for the rest that comes only in the easy yoke of Christ.” 

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