Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year A

We live in a consumer-driven society. Happiness and life satisfaction are associated with having the latest device, seeing the latest movie, being the most popular on the various social media sites. All too often, though, when we attain these “status symbols,” we find that we are not quite as fulfilled as we thought we would be. Satisfaction and happiness still elude us until the next greatest thing comes our way.

Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ - Year A

In his encyclical on the Church as Mother and Teacher (Mater et Magistra), Pope St. Juan XXIII asked us to look at the world, to judge the circumstances in the light of the values of the gospel, and then to act so that the world is transformed into something closer to the reality of God’s plan. This process of See-Judge-Act is especially helpful as we celebrate today one of the great solemnities of the Church, the Body and Blood of Christ, Corpus Christi.

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity - Year A

I have often heard priests say that Trinity Sunday is the most difficult Sunday of the year on which to preach! That has not been my experience at all during my 47 years of priestly ministry. I think that the problem is that many preachers focus on what the theologian Karl Rahner calls the immanent Trinity, that is the mystery of Godhead that God in Godself is. This mystery is excellent fodder for the ruminations of theologians but is not truly helpful “for us and for our salvation.”