November 6 - Commemoration of Deceased Religious of the Order

Today we Augustinians remember all of our deceased members, just as the Universal Church remembers all of her deceased on November 2. The communion of saints is an article of faith for us. We are united to one another through our common faith and baptism, in the one Lord. We Augustinians are united as well by the common profession we have made, and our highest ideal throughout life has been, in the words of Saint Augustine's Rule, to be of one mind and one heart on the way to God. Neither life nor death can separate us. This is the faith we celebrate in this Eucharist.

The Constitutions of Ratisbon, approved in 1290, prescribe in Chapter VI, "In every community of the Order, there is to be observed each year the anniversary of our deceased friars, on the first day after the octave of the apostles Peter and Paul (that is, July 7)... Every priest on that day is to celebrate Mass for this intention." In 1672 the commemoration was transferred to November 14, the day following the feast of All the Augustinian Saints, and later, following the reform of 1975, to November 6. 

The revised Constitutions of 2007 remind us in no. 101, "As Augustine said, honoring the memory of the dead is a consolation for the living, because we are thereby reminded to live an honorable life and to become a living memorial of he deceased and our faith in the resurrection is strengthened. 'Those who have died in the fellowship of Christ's body and blood should be remembered in prayer during the sacrifice of the Eucharist when they are recalled at the proper place and it is noted that the sacrifice is offered for them' (Serm. 172, 2).