Fr. Joe Genito, O.S.A

The Funeral Mass of Fr. Michael Scuderi, O.S.A.           

Could the readings tonight be any more appropriate in relation to Michael’s life?  The author of Lamentations seems gloomy, life being such drudgery and pain, but then he says that it is for this very reason that we have hope.  God’s mercies are not spent; there’s more to come, and that will be the reward beyond what we experience here and now.  As tough as it was for him, Michael always chose to hope, to be optimistic.

Galetto - The woman who raised the white marigold

Wedding of Laura Ashley Smith and Kyle David Pernelli

When I was a young boy I can remember having an existential crisis. Everyone would always ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I figured this must be a really important question because everyone wanted to know the answer. I knew I needed to find an answer and so one day I thought I would start to explore my options.

Caponi - Do not conform yourself to this age...

Wedding of Michael Corcoran and Jennifer Kelly

When he was about six-years-old, my nephew Matthew had a new toy, a Magic 8-Ball. I’m sure you’ve seen one: about twice the size of a softball, shiny black plastic, large number 8 on one side and a small round window on the other. You ask yes or no questions, turn the ball over, and a white object floats up through dark blue water with an answer written on it, something like “Without a doubt,” “Outlook good,” “Ask again later,” or “Very doubtful.”