Fourth Sunday of Advent - Year A

We have heard these words so many times we may overlook the significance of what they mean. The birth of Jesus came about because of the cooperation of ordinary human beings. We know that Mary was an ordinary young girl - chosen to do extraordinary things - but she was still ordinary in the sense that she was of the usual stock and family and characteristics of her time. Joseph, too, was an ordinary, hard-working laborer, a well-respected member of the community but definitely an “ordinary Joe” of his day. Both were rather remarkable for their “unremarkableness.” 

Third Sunday of Advent - Year A

At the end of our recent election I heard people of both sides saying T.G.I.O. – Thank God it’s over. They were expressing the weariness of a long and stressful election cycle. At this time of the year when advertisements barrage us from every direction about buying for Christmas and the countdown of shopping days to Christmas, I am sure that the annual question of “When will it be over?” is occurring in the wearied minds of many.

Second Sunday of Advent - Year C

Any of us who has driven through an interstate highway construction site is familiar with the lingo and signs that accompany such an endeavor: shifting lanes, detour ahead, reduced speed, no shoulder, bottlenecks, traffic jams and delays. Road construction is an inexorable process and at times as we are sitting in traffic (impatiently) waiting we can see what the end result is going to achieve.